A Creative Pursuing Passion

I FINALLY did it!!! I officially launched the blog that I’ve been putting off for the last few years of my life! Welcome to Lonicely.com. Many of you know me as Lo Nicely, Professional MUA. That will never change....now you can just add beauty, faith, and lifestyle blogger to my resume.

A Creative Pursuing Passion | LoNicely

Why blog?

My love for beauty, travel, style, God, and connecting with other women prompted me to get started. I realized, I had a lot of information and aspects of my life that I wanted to share with my supporters. While Instagram is my largest platform, I felt a blog would be a better place for me to document and go in-depth, concerning my interests and passions. 

For a while, I placed myself in a box. I limited myself to just being Lo Nicely, the girl who does makeup. I was fearful....fearful to try something completely new and outside of my comfort zone. Entering into a new community, not knowing if I’d be welcomed or accepted. I let go of the idea of becoming a blogger after getting into a car accident on the day I was supposed to launch, but my heart didn't. One day scrolling on the Gram, I saw a post that said “I’d rather try and fail, than not try and later realize I could’ve succeeded. Just try.”.  That post hit me deep! I applied it to every dream/goal I have and since then I’ve been tackling them one after the other.

I came bursting out of the box I put myself in, fully embracing who I am.  A creative.

A Creative Pursuing Passion | LoNicely

Not only am I creative I’m also web designer, event planner, blogger, editor, daughter, worshipper, artist, inspirational speaker, and so much more. So why limit myself any longer?

Purpose of this blog

My goal is to motivate you to go after you dreams, while I pursue mine. To also, encourage you to follow your passion, live your truth, and walk your God assigned path authentically and unapologetically. 

A Creative Pursuing Passion | LoNicely

Blogging for me is much more than posting beautiful pictures. This blog is where I will share my life, through a different lens. May you feel inspired, always be motivated, and dream bigger!

Creatively, Authentically Lo