Walking In YOUR Purpose (6 Steps To Identifying Your Purpose)

Walking In YOUR Purpose (6 Steps To Identifying Your Purpose) | LoNicely

It’s an awesome, overwhelmingly, amazing feeling to know and wholeheartedly walk in YOUR purpose. To be honest I didn’t always know my purpose. I went through many phases of thinking I knew what my purpose was or calling something I’m really good at my purpose because other people told me it was.

As humans, we are always evolving and learning who we are as individuals. Before you can walk in your purpose, I believe it’s important to know who you are and be 100% unapologetic about it. There was a period in my life where I was lost, hurt, unsure of my future, and played the comparison game which does nothing but leave you feeling envious, inadequate, and simply not good enough.

I literally asked God, “What on earth am I here for? God, why did you give me all these supporters? How can I genuinely, authentically reach them?”. I began to do some research on “finding your purpose” (sometimes you have to put in work while you wait on God to answer) and with prayer and meditation, I now have a concrete idea of what my purpose is.

What helped you discover your purpose Lo?

After doing research, answering these questions thoroughly helped me discover my purpose. I encourage you to grab a pen and journal and answer these questions:

1. What drives me?

  • Think about that thing that excites you the most, that makes you forget about time. That thing that if you weren’t getting paid you would still do it.

2. What energizes you?

  • That thing that actually gets you out of the bed morning or makes you stay up all night because you’re fully immersed. It pushes you to action. That thing that keeps you going that you may even forget to eat.

3. What am I willing to sacrifice?

  • Think about what you may have to give up (temporarily or permanently) to walk in your purpose: sleep at night, moving away from family and friends, social life, financial security, etc. What’s that thing you’re willing to take a risk for?

4. Who do I want to help? Knowing who your audience is.

  • The reality is we can't help the entire world, neither is our gift for everyone. Think about who you want to help and have a demographic in mind (class, age, race, location, sex, interests, etc.)

5. What’s my story?

  • Everyone has a story. It’s so important that you know your story and how to tell it. People connect to people.

6. If I had a mentor at the beginning of my career, what would I want them to tell/teach me?

  • If your purpose like mine (in the helping others department), it’s important to tell others what you didn’t know or have help with on your journey. Share your experiences. Once again, people connect with people and love authenticity.

Well, what’s your purpose Lo?

My purpose in life is to help others evolve into the best version of themselves while I evolve through knowledge and experience. Different areas in my life (being a professional makeup artist, lifestyle blogger, content creator, leader of a women’s empowerment group, active in ministry at my church, daughter, etc.) pull me in different directions but lead me back to my ultimate purpose in life.

I know my purpose, now what Lo?

Stay focused and authentically pursue your purpose. Sounds easy, right? I’m not going to lie to you, because you discovered your purpose doesn’t mean everything will suddenly fall into place and life will become easy. For some, life can become harder. Honestly, there are days I want to take an easier way out because the sacrifice almost feels like a struggle.

 You're looking at an overwhelmed, multi-tasker with the end goal in mind. Not always glamorous.

You're looking at an overwhelmed, multi-tasker with the end goal in mind. Not always glamorous.

Walking In YOUR Purpose (6 Steps To Identifying Your Purpose) | LoNicely

What am I talking about? Having to budget because you have a studio space to maintain, not being able vacation as often as I like because I have a business to run and another one blossoming, sacrificing time with friends and family because I have to work to support myself, and sometimes burning myself out because I’m not in a financial position to outsource jobs so I become my photographer, editor, content creator, etc. I have to I want to encourage you that if you stay the course, it will all pay off in the long run.

Surround yourself with positivity, like-minded people, remain optimistic and work your butt off. Remember this is your journey and purpose! Each step you take is building towards the end goal. It may take years before you see the fruits of your labor but that’s the beauty of YOUR story. I hope this helps some with identifying your purpose. Leave me a comment below if you’re going to dedicate some time to answer the questions above.

Creatively, Authentically Lo