How To Get Credited In A Magazine

Are you a makeup artist wondering how you can get featured in a magazine? Are you right at the brink of getting that discount you so desperately need but you don’t have a tear sheet? Don’t worry! I’m going to share some of the tips I’ve used to get featured in various magazines over the last few years.

Before I give you the secret sauce (lol) know that there’s a difference between submitting work directly to a magazine to be published and collaborating with someone who will submit the shoot/event you were a part of to be featured/credited. My makeup has mostly been featured in bridal magazines. Surprisingly, I have never submitted my work (editorial or beauty) to a magazine to be published. However, here are some of the things that have landed my brand and work in magazines.

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Collaborate with people who have been in a magazine

We all know how important it is to network! For me, this has been the most popular way my brand has been credited in magazines. A lot of my brides book with wedding planners or photographers who are often featured in bridal magazines. Reach out to local planners and photographers. Submit your work and website so you can potentially get on their referral list which will increase your chance to get featured. You can take it a step forward by:

  • Asking the wedding planner or photographer if they plan to submit any upcoming events to a magazine and offer your services to them at a discounted rate

  • Offer your services to future brides who plan to submit their engagement shoot or wedding to a magazine

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Hire a publicist

HIRE! I know, I know this sounds scary but it’s not that bad. Know your budget and do your RESEARCH. Google is your bestie. Don't be scared to jump onto these makeup groups/forums and ask questions. I was able to get my first one-page feature in Hype Hair magazine through my publicist. I submitted all the information that was needed (high res pictures, crediting who was in the picture, and a summary of the event) and she did the rest of the work for me.


Produce great work

Make sure you’re creating and putting out great, quality work on your website and social media. Before you submit your work to anyone make sure you have:

  • Clean, clear, high-resolution images

  • Not overly filtered images on social media

  • A website that is clear and easy to navigate

  • Images on your website and social media that are relatable to the images you want to be published (you never know a magazine might reach out to you for a feature)

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I hope these tips were helpful. If you are published, make sure you tag me! I would love to see your work. Best wishes on your journey.

Creatively, Authentically Lo.